Minions, Prepare to Meet Your Master!

Wouldn’t it be nice to outsource your common yawnsome theme development tasks to someone who would listen, follow orders and do exactly as you say. You know… like a minion?

When you’re busy creating awesome WordPress Themes there are loads of tasks that you have to repeat again and again. Stuff like enqueuing styles and scripts, implementing theme options and re-using functionality from previous projects. If you are serious about your work you know that these tasks take time. Code needs to be maintained, best practices need to be followed, and new features need to be added. It’s hard work, but honestly we can’t complain.. Right? But we’re sure that you’d agree with us that it would be nice to outsource these yawnsome tasks to someone who would listen, follow orders and do exactly as you say. We felt the same way. That’s why we captured a bunch of minions and stuffed them into Infinity. They’re there for you to boss around and help you build your WordPress Theming Empire (kind’ve like Oompa-Loompas but with less chocolate, and more code). Each of your Minions has its own set of tasks. Don’t worry, you won’t need a pointy stick to force your minions to work for you, and they are way too stupid to understand PHP. What we did teach them however, is how to do things the WordPress way. While they may look like a bunch of slackers, they take their tasks seriously and make sure whatever that they do is done using WordPress best practices in mind! All you have to do is explain what you want using simple minion-readable .ini files. These configuration files should be stored in the /config folder located in your theme folder. This is where the minions will check of the instructions that you give them. Because that’s basically all a configuration file is – a list of instructions for minions. 
    • Alfred – infinity.ini – takes care of the heavy lifting, like enqueuing scripts and styles and creating your template hierarchy
    • Hurley – screens.ini – adds screens to your Infinity Control Panel
    • Derek – features.ini – the most beautiful minion, adds features to your theme
    • Donny – sections.ini – adds sections to your control panel options
    • Walter – options.ini – adds options to your theme
    Your trusty minions let you to spent more time creating awesome WordPress Themes and less time writing code. You’ll quickly fall in love with them when they are doing all sorts of geek-wizardry for you and you don’t even have to write any code. They are with you every step of the way, and want nothing more then to see your empire grow. Are you ready to meet them?